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30,000 a good round number!

WOW! I was checking the stats of this little blog. It hard to believe that we started on May 31st 2009 with 3 hits. My 1st post was “Hello World”. Today we near *30,000 hits on this humble little blog dedicated to Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. We have changed the focus just a tad bit to Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet and other Jet Star Coasters… Let’s Ride!. If this is your 1st time to our blog or a returning visitor we say “Hello World” and Welcome. So come right in, sit for a spell leave a comment or two and help us reach 60,000! Oh and one more thing… Let’s Ride!
* 07/28/2011 8:23pm hits 30,005 Woo Hoo we made it!