Jet Star 2 Elektrėnų atrakcionų parke

Another great video of this Jet Star 2 in Lithuania. I found this clip on YouTube and you may recognize the rider at the very end. Looks to be the same person that sent me all the great photos a few post back. (See Jet Star 2 in Lithuania!)

Here is the second video that Gordonas let me know about; Jet Star 2 Elektrėnų atrakcionų parke test ride before the real ride!

I think that I need to head over and meet Gordonas for a ride… Let’s Ride!

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  1. goordonas on

    jess in video its miiii 🙂

  2. goordonas on

    Jet Star 2 Elektrėnų atrakcionų parke
    ai hev lod on mor video om yotub Jet Star 2 Elektrėnų atrakcionų parke

  3. goordonas on

    Now I have upploaded another video of the Jet Star – search for Jet Star 2 Elektrėnų atrakcionų parke test ride before the real ride!

  4. January Hinkie on

    This is great. Thanks goordonas and congrats on the job….

  5. goordonas on

    der vos nafingg for my

  6. Ignas G. on

    I remember writing you some months ago on Facebook , but no answer…
    I’m really glad that I found this website of yours! …since Jet Star 2 (heh , not a Jumbo Jet , but still :)) was my first ever ridden rollercoaster! It’s only 15kms from where I live. (now I live elsewhere , temporarily)
    Actually , I’m from Lithuania and I can provide you with some more pics and videos of this beauty. I don’t know that much about it , but I’m the person responsible for it appearing on RCDB both as the operating one , and when it was operating in Gorky Park , because I found out who bought it from Gorky park back then. Although the person , who was responsible for building it , unfortunately is dead , so as I was trying to find some old pictures and more information of it some time ago , I failed. Well , sort of – I have this only one picture from long time ago , it has “Rianovosti” logo on top , so I guess I can’t post it here.

    Greetings ,

    • thelostcoaster on

      Ingas… thanks so much for connecting with on thelostcoaster blog… We welcome all types of submission photo’s or videos of the Jet Star 2 or Jumbo Jet… Thanks for reading thelostcoaster blog

  7. gordonas on

    helau i hev mei bob abaut Jet Star 2 in Elektrėnai in Lithuania

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