Custom Jumbo Jet?

Just north of Chicago in Gurnee IL is a little park called Six Flags Great America and the have an Anton Schwarzkopf roller coaster that is one of the last “Speedracer” roller coaster ever built. You might call it a custom Jumbo Jet. The “Speedracer” named the Whizzer is a permanent model where as the Jumbo Jet and other “Jet Star” models are not. Both have a spiral lift hill and thats where the similarities end. Take a ride on the Whizzer to find out for yourself.

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  1. gordonas on

    Thank you for this nice video of the jumbo jet. i really liked it! many greetings gordonas

  2. Blaine Anderson on

    Hey, you’re back! Nice vid of Six Flags Great America’s Whizzer. I’m sure everyone knows this, Whizzer had a twin at the other Great America park in California. Originally both were called Willard’s Whizzer named after Willard Marriott. There’s a nice old POV, if you haven’t already seen it, on Theme Park Review’s Coaster Tube. Just look up Willard’s Whizzer on there. (It has an interesting rendition of “Drives Me Crazy” by Dolly Parton) Note that both coaster appear to be identical at first, but on further inspection you’ll notice some differences. The support structure is completely different after the spiral lift on both coasters. California’s version looks to follow the traditional standard of the Jumbo Jet coasters and the Illinois coaster uses supports similar to Magic Mountian’s Revolution. The California version also has a much shorter curve at the bottom of the second drop….Hmmm..can anyone spot any more.

  3. gordonas on

    nice video

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