Jet Star by SDC for sale?

Are you looking for a Jet Star for your backyard? Well you may be in luck and you’ll need a really big back yard. Gordonas one of my many followers sent me a link for a Jet Star that is up for sale: The interesting thing is that all though it looks like the Jumbo Jet, this coaster was built by a company called SDC (SDC on RCDB) which is no longer in business. You can check out the Jet Star for sale at .

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  1. gordonas on

    Thank you for posting this, I found it randomly on Youtube, if you search the name you will find videos of it.
    Greetings Gordonas

  2. Ignas G. on

    Sorry for being a pessimist at this point , but they couldn’t have ruined the original cars more! I mean , there are no original cars , but anyway – either leave original cars or just dismantle it , because in my opinion , when It comes to such rides – anything that is SO unoriginal is unacceptable.

  3. Ignas G. on

    …and how come is it not made by Schwarzkopf? Or is it some sort of knock-off? :))

  4. gordonas on


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