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You might not know we have a FaceBook page. If you are on FaceBook we want to be one of your FaceBook friends, is thelostcoaster’s FaceBook page. Jim Hammer one of our FaceBook friends provided a picture of our beloved Jumbo Jet:
Drop off the hotrail 1978 Jim writes “Back in the old days they didn’t tell you not to take pictures on the ride…this is from 1978” Hang on tight Jim, that first hill is a steep one! As we all know 1978 was the last season for the Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point. If you have any pictures of Jumbo Jet, let us know we would love to post em… Let’s Ride!

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  1. Gordonas on


  2. Tricia on

    I was going to ask on Facebook but did not see a place to comment. Did you ever track down the location in China of the Jumbo Jet from Coney Island?

    • thelostcoaster on

      Hi Tricia, Thanks for reading thelostcoaster blog and FaceBook page. Please add us as a friend and then you’ll be able to post on FB. I have not been able to find anything except rumors that a Jumbo Jet Roller Coaster was moved to China. There are lots of amusement parks in China and Google Maps is only so good. History of any Jumbo Jet Roller Coaster is such a large task. I still have very few pictures of CP’s Jumbo Jet anywhere other CP or Dreamland. The search goes on for Jumbo Jet Roller Coasters in general.

  3. gordonas on

    god foto 🙂

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