thelostcoaster’s 200th Post

What a great ride it’s been so far. I started this blog on May 31st, 2009 with a simple post “Hello World” with a simple statement “ Welcome to The Lost Coaster… More to come..” and this photo (One of my favorites) with the Matterhorn in view along with the refreshment stand with the polka dot roof:


I have posted all types of videos and pictures and believe that I have found Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet at Dreamland in Minsk Belarus. I have thought at times that I had done all I could do and had stepped away from this blog. Then to be drawn back in realizing that my work has just begun. Thank-You so much for reading this blog and if you ever come across any information that I don’t already have drop me an email thelostcoaster[at]live[dot]com. I look forward to the next 200 post because I never know what I will find. I have been asked to look further into the Jumbo Jet that is rumored to be in China. I don’t know how I will find this ride when I can’t find hardly any pictures of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet at Place Playland in Old Orchard Beach. Keep reading thelostcoaster blog… More to come…

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  1. gordonas on

    lov it 🙂

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