Cedar Point’s Roller Coaster Challenge

The questions is “Can you ride all 5 in one day?

Cedar Point Roller Coaster Challenge

This newspaper add is from 1977 and challenges you to ride Cedar Point’s big five coasters, Cork Screw, Jumbo Jet, Mine Ride, Wildcat (original) and Blue Streak in one day. If you were one of the first 1,000 to do so each day you would receive a special bonus… A beautiful “High Rollers” sew-on patch if you completed the task.

Cedar Points High Rollers Club

On June 14, 1977 our facebook friend Jim Hammer completed the roller coaster challenge. Jim said “It wasn’t easy…the lines for the Corkscrew were 1 to 2 hours back in 1977!”. I wish today I could do this challenge, but sadly the Jumbo Jet is no more at Cedar Point. A big thank-you to Jake for posting these pictures on our FaceBook page!

5 comments so far

  1. gordonas on

    nice 🙂

  2. Mike Galat on

    all five in one day??? hahaha Easy!!! 😉

    • thelostcoaster on

      Well of course it was easy for you… You worked there! Cheers Mike!

  3. Wow, I don’t even remember this promotion. I know I’ve ridden all five, but I don’t know for sure that I did it in one day. I haven’t been back to CP in probably 30 years… I *really* need to fix that. 🙂

    • thelostcoaster on

      Thanks so much for stopping by thelostcoaster blog. Rev. Dr. Sherwood time to be a kid again and get to the point! Let’s Ride!

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