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My First Time!

I had just came out of middle school and our 8th grade class had a trip planned to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. Earlier in the year we had sold all types of things to raise money for this trip. The year was 1974 and this would be the first time that I had gone anywhere on a trip with out my Mom and Dad. Oh yea one other thing we also had a stop planned at Cedar Point. Back then there were no HYPER or MEGA Coaster… Just the Blue Streak…Wildcat… Mine Ride… Log Ride… and another ride called the Jumbo Jet. jumbojet
I was way to chicken to ride the Blue Streak and Jumbo Jet all by myself and being a loner, it would be a tall order to find someone that would be willing to be seen riding these rides with me. Toward the end of the day back in 1974 I did in fact find someone to ride the Blue Streak and the Jumbo Jet and i was hooked… My next trip to Cedar Point would be in the early 80’s and sadly no Jumbo Jet… I always compare coasters to the Jumbo Jet and I am constantly searching for the lost coaster of my youth.

Hello world!

Welcome to The Lost Coaster… More to come..