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Jumbo Jet No Limits Part Deux!

I may have forgot to mention that I am on FaceBook, if ya get the chance add me as your friend. One of my FB friends is TJ Weaver who has been working on a project of the Jumbo Jet in “No Limits” which is a roller coaster creation software. We first posted a “No limits” picture back in may of 2010. See our blog post “Jumbo Jet, No Limits”. He sent me a couple of picture before the holidays saying that a “No Limits” video would be available the first part of 2011 and he delivered. Let take a virtual ride on the Jumbo Jet:

I would like to thank TJ for allowing me to post this really cool “No Limits” Jumbo Jet recreation. Looks as good as the real thing! Great Job TJ! Let’s Ride!

Jumbo Jet, No Limits

If you can’t ride em, then take a little time to build em with “No Limits”. This computer program allows you to build roller coasters and then take a “virtual ride” after you complete them. I can’t believe that someone has created a Jumbo Jet simulation with the same color scheme that Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet had:

So if someone created the look and feel of the Jumbo Jet, then there is a video out there somewhere. All I need to do if find it… We will keep you posted. Let’s Ride, even if it’s a virtual ride.