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The Rocket Up Close!

Since we did several posts about the Jet Star 2… I thought it was time to get up close and personal with what I call a Jet Star 2 1/2. It has the layout of a Jet Star 2, with the support beams of a Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 3 and can support 2 cars in a train. This is Furuvik’s Rocket (Alton Tower’s Black Hole):

Test Drive Jet Star 2 1/2

I found this interesting clip and thought I would post it of this Jet Star 2 (A.K.A. Jet Star 2 1/2) in Furuvik, Sweden. This it the same Jet Star 2 that was at Alton Towers and was called the “Black Hole” and Gerstlauer refurbished and sent to Sweden. Notice how new and clean it looks and also sounds like a brand new coaster.

Now I want to go to Sweden just to ride this Jet Star 2 1/2. I even love the colors. Real close to the color of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet and WildCat. Let’s Ride!!!

Rocket, Jet Star 2 1/2

The Rocket which is a converted Jet Star 2, at one time was called the Black Hole. The Black Hole was enclosed in a tent and was I guess you would call it a dark ride. Alton Towers, who owned the ride decided they wanted to couple the trains. Since a Jet Star 2 cannot handle coupled trains, the Black Hole needed to be retro fitted and updated to a Jet Star 3. Now I am hearing that Gerstlauer was the company that converted the the supports to the same that are on a Jet Star 3 or Jumbo Jet. We 1st touched on this back in June of 2010, however we did not know that this was Alton Tower’s Black Hole (See “How do you build a Jet Star?”). I recently found this photo that is a little different than what we posted in our original post:While I was on Gerstlauer’s website, I found these promotional photos of the Rocket:This ride looks SICK and I want to ride. First stop Sweden, 2nd stop Minsk Belarus… Watch out Rocket and Jumbo Jet here I come. Let’s Ride!

Furuvik’s Rocket Jet Star II

The Gerstlauer Jet Star II has landed at Furuvik Zoo and Amusement Park in Gävle Municipality, Gävleborg County, Sweden. We first reported this on March 31 2011 with a post titled Jet Star 2 Looks like a Jumbo Jet Jr. The proof is in the video:

The website also shows the Jet Star II:
However the satellite still does not show the ride from above: