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Jumbo Jet at night by the beach!

If your a regular reader of this blog you may have seen the post cards that ryanjm13 sent me. (The post was entitled “Greetings from…”). Now ryanjm13 did not know that my email address had changed and he had sent something to my old live account and just by chance I decided to log in and boy am I glad that I did. ryanjm13 writes here is a view of the jumbo jet lit up at night along old orchard beach. the radar antenna used to look really good at night especially when you can see it from far away along the beachHow cool is that? Way Cool! Thanks out to ryanjm13 and make sure you send future emails to the new address! Let’s Ride!

Джамбо Джет is Russian for Jumbo Jet

So I was doing my usual surfing the interweb to see if I could find out anything about CP’s Джамбо Джет in Minsk Belarus and I found this:It kinda makes you wonder if the little guy is thinking about when he will be tall enough to ride the Джамбо Джет. I am tall enough, now if I can just find my way to Minsk Belarus. Let’s Ride!

CP’s Jumbo Jet, Looking Good!

CoasterBob62 along with FaceBook friend TW, let me know about a new photo of CP’s Jumbo Jet. The Sandusky Register has a very good article “A complete and final stop: Cedar Point memorializes rides of old”. The coolest part of this article? A picture of the Jumbo Jet that I have never seen before. This has got to be one of the best:Let’s have a moment of silence as we think of all the ride that have come and gone at Cedar Point. Thanks out to the Sandusky Register for posting a great article and some great pictures of past rides of Cedar Point that are now lost… Lost Forever! Just like thelostcoaster CP’s Jumbo Jet! Let’s Ride!

A Saucy Deal with the Russians!

In my quest to find out the exact history of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet, from time to time I come across stories on other Jumbo Jets. This time Nick, who is Morey’s Pier’s New Media Guru, sends me information on MP’s Jumbo Jet that was sold to a german broker and he then traded the Jumbo Jet for 2 rail cars of tomato ketchup. Final destination of MP’s Jumbo Jet? “Gorky Park” in Moscow! We first blogged about this back on 01/14/2010: Jumbo Jet at Minsk, is it really CP’s? Get the complete story by clicking on the image below:As you can see the colors were yellow and green and most Jumbo Jets were the standard red and blue just like the one at CP. Check out “A Saucy Deal with the Russians” and more in the book “A Wild Ride”:According to RCDB this Jumbo Jet was in operation at Morey’s Pier from 1976 to 1986 or 1987. Perhaps Nick can look around the office and find some old Jumbo Jet memorabilia and send us some cool pictures. What I would give for one final ride on the Jumbo Jet, no matter what park it came from… Let’s Ride!

“Madison Avenue, Ohio 1970-“

What the heck? How does this have anything to do with our beloved Jumbo Jet? Well this is a new book by Wallace J. Gordon and the long title is Madison Avenue, Ohio, 1970-: Writing My Way Through “What’s An Agency Like Howard Swink Advertising Doing In Marion, Ohio?” It seems that the Howard Swink Advertising Agency did commercials (Radio and TV) for Cedar Point. In one part of the book talks about the excitement of the agency to hear that the Jumbo Jet was complete and what commercials they were doing for Cedar Point. You can read an excerpt in Google Books “Madison Avenue, Ohio 1970-“. “the Jumbo Jet is going to be gangbusters” Perhaps a good read for the roller coaster enthusiast in your life.. Let’s Ride!