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The Brew HA HA continues

Cedar Point’s new ride for 2010, which we believe will be called “Whyte Lightning”, but then again nothing is for certain. Cedar Fair’s marketing department is working over time, dropping hints all over the place. Let’s recap shall we?
* 08/02/09 “Want the head’s up on 2010? Stay tuned…somethin’s brewin’!”
* 08/07/09 “Gee, See Eye!!”
* 08/08/09 “I prefer my lunch TOGO…especially when there’s lightning around.”
* 08/09/09 “witnessed many people enjoying the intamin settting of the park at sunset…”
* 08/10/09 “Harnesses? Check. Wheels? Check.”
* 08/13/09 “Laboring over these 2010 plans is exhausting!”
* 08/14/09 “KD: 1 CW: 2 CP: 3”
* 08/15/09 “Definitely NOT taking the Beemer out for a spin today. Or next year for that matter.”
* 08/22/09 “Oh, and Snake is not going anywhere. There. Confirmed.”
* 08/24/09 “Aquatrax??? Not in 2010…”
* 08/25/09 “2010 Is Not … a Togo or a GCI.”
* 08/26/09 “Cedar Point is not building an S&S, a B&M, a Grav. Group, a Mack, or a Gerstlauer.”

* 08/27/09 “Two down … one to go.”
* 08/28/09 “Them Canfield’s & McGee’s will still be feudin’ down river next year …”

* 09/01/09 “09.03.09 09:10. All will be revealed

updated 09.02.09 5:00am

Whyte Lightning Brewin 2010
Confused Yet? Aren’t we all? At this point it is still anybody’s guess to what CP’s new ride will be for 2010. I’ve already made my prediction, what’s yours?

Whyte Lightning strikes again?

Yesterday I wrote that I thought Cedar Point’s new ride for 2010, called “Whyte Lightning“, would be coming from The Gravity Group. TGG has an indoor wooden coaster called the “Splinter” which is based on “The Lost Coaster” at Indiana Beach and would be a good choice for a family ride.


However one thing that CP lacks in it’s park would be a spinning coaster like the SC 3000 or the smaller SC 2000 from Maurer Söhne. On my recent trip to Erie, I got the chance to ride one of these spinning coasters and let me tell you this thing is a blast to ride. This ride would fit right in the the Whyte Lightning theme and be a perfect family ride for CP. At this point it’s anyone’s guess! What’s your guess? Let’s Ride!

Whyte Lightning

How cool is this? A new ride at Cedar Point called Whyte Lightning coming in 2010. The marketing department at Cedar Point has the entire roller coaster community wondering what there new ride will be. Here is a video clip from CoasterBob62 with the latest:

My Guess:
This new ride will be in located on Millennium Island which could be considered a part of Frontier Town and I think that this new ride will be a wooden coaster from The Gravity Group. This new coaster will be a moonshine themed coaster based on TGG’s “Splinter” which is an indoor wooden coaster. This ride and theme would fit perfect with Frontier Town and would fit the space allowed. Just my .02 worth, so what do you think?