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America Screams – 1981

I got a tip once again on FaceBook and Tim sent me this YouTube video and states that he has a VHS copy of the entire film. I don’t even own a VCR, but would love to see this video in it’s entirety. At 14:03 you can get a look at the Cork Screw, then at 14:08 see the Jumbo Jet. Not sure were these clips were shot at. One would hope Cedar Point… Enjoy!

Racing the wind on a jumbo coaster ride!

From time to time readers of this very blog send things to me and I am very thankful for the items that have been sent to me. This time I get a message from Jim H on FaceBook(Please send us a friend request), who writes:
“Hi. I saw the lostcoaster blog, and thought you might like these 2 CP radio commercials. Don’t know exact year, but they mention Jumbo Jet so probably 1972 to 1974 timeframe.

I rode the Jumbo Jet when I was 10 in 1972…came back the next year and discovered they had raised the height requirement from 4′ to 5′ and I couldn’t ride it! Was tall enough the next year though. It was an awesome ride, especially from the front seat.”

Jim this sounds just like my story, my 1st and only time to ride the Jumbo Jet would have been June of 1974 on my 8th grade trip… So here are the files that Jim sent me… I just had to share them with you….

Racing the wind on a jumbo coaster ride
Cedar Point :60 Radio Spot

Jumbo Jet and a Giant Wheel in the Sky
Cedar Point :60 Radio Spot

WOW HOW COOL? Way Cool!!! Thanks a million Jim!!!!

60,000 a good round number!

thelostcoaster blog started with a “Hello World” post back on 05/31/09. Back in June of 2011 we hit 30,000 (see 30,000 a good round number). Fast forward to September 2012 and I am happy to report that we will hit 60,000 hits on this little blog. Currently we sit at:

60,002 for September 29, 2012, 8:18 am

Thanks for reading thelostcoaster blog! Now let’s head for 90,000 hits!

Inside Tornado Guadalajara, Mexico

So I found this link on thelostcoaster FaceBook feed… Thanks Gordona… What you say… You did not know Jumbo Jet had a FaceBook page… Drop by and request our friendship Jumbo Jet FaceBook. This has to be one of the best Jet Star 3/Jumbo Jet on ride videos. It really gives you an idea of how intense this coaster is… Let’s Ride!