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One final look…

Things are not looking good for the Jet Star 2 at the amusement park Lithuania o Vaikų Pasaulis Elektrenai. One of our favorite Facebook friends Gordonas left us a post with pictures and video of a recent trip to see his favorite Jet Star 2. Seems that the park will be demolished by years end. Hopes are that Gerstlauer would save the ride. (Perhaps an email to is in order?) Gerstlauer is the company that refurbished ALton Tower’s “Dark Hole” that was renamed the Rocket (see post The Rocket Up Close!) and is currently at a park called Furuvik. Let’s Join Gordonas for one final look of his lost coaster…

Gordonas one final look 1

Gordonas one final look 2

Gordonas one final look 3

**Update** 7:10am 08/03/2013
I cannot stand by and do nothing, so I’ve done my little part by writing Gerstlauer and asking if there is anything that they can do.. What will you do?

Subject: Soon to be a lost coaster? / Bald ein verlorener Achterbahn sein?
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2013 07:03:39 -0400

Greetings Gerstlauer,
I am writing your company because of the work you did refurbishing a Jet Star 2 roller coaster that original was at Alton Towers and is now in Furuvik called the “Rocket”. There is a grave situation for another Jet Star 2 that is SBNO in Lithuania o Vaikų Pasaulis Elektrenai. The news is that this Jet Star 2 and the entire park will be demolished by years end. I think that you will agree with me that this original Jet Star 2 needs to be saved. Is there anything that your company can do? Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Kind Regards,


German Translation: / Deutsch Übersetzung:
Grüße Gerstlauer,
Ich schreibe Ihr Unternehmen wegen der Arbeit, die Sie Instandsetzen eines Jet Star 2 Achterbahn kam das Original in Alton Towers war und ist nun in Furuvik namens “Rakete”. Es ist eine schwere Situation für einen anderen Jet Star 2, die SBNO ist in Litauen o Vaikų Pasaulis Elektrenai. Die Nachricht ist, dass diese Jet Star 2 und der gesamte Park nach Jahren Ende abgerissen werden. Ich denke, dass Sie mir zustimmen, dass diese ursprüngliche Jet Star 2 gespeichert werden muss. Gibt es etwas, dass Ihr Unternehmen tun kann? Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit und Überlegung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Jumbo Jet – Let’s Ride!
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The Lost Coaster:
Jumbo Jet (Jet Star 3)
1972 – 1978 at Cedar Point
1979 – 0000 at Palace PlayLand, Orchard Beach Maine
0000 – 0000 at ???? Touring Europe
0000 – 0000 at Malmö Folkets Park, Sweden
0000 – 0000 at ????, Prague
0000 – 0000 at Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
0000 – 0000 at Minsk, Belarus

Lost Jet Star 2?

It’ll be a sad day if this is true… I got some bad news on thelostcoaster Facebook page… regarding this Jet Star 2
Lost Jet Star 2Gordonas Kruminas writes “Another one bites the dust. Jet Star 2, a Schwarzkopf coaster at Vaiku Pasaulis is SBNO and will be demolished soon.” Gordonas went on to say “I asked the park owner if they would sell the coaster or demolish it? They said they would demolish the ride as its unlikely someone would want to buy it in this state. If someone is interested then maybe they should talk to the owners as there is a good chance they may consider giving it away.” I hope someone can save this Jet Star 2 from being a lost coaster… A very sad day…

Jet Star 2 Up Close

Here are some more photos of the Jet Star 2 in Lithuania:

Soon to be a Lost… Jet Star 2?

I’ve just received and update on the Jet Star 2 that is located in Lithuania. A friend of thelostcoaster blog by the name of Ignas is telling me that this Jet Star 2 is in disrepair and is in need of being refurbished. Only one of the cars are being used and that the other 2 are being used for parts. Here are some the pictures that Ignas has sent me…
This is just part of the pictures that Ignas sent me, I’ve got lots more to post… Makes you want go to Lithuania to see if you can catch a ride on the Jet Star 2… Let’s Ride!!!!

Jet Star 2 Elektrėnų atrakcionų parke

Another great video of this Jet Star 2 in Lithuania. I found this clip on YouTube and you may recognize the rider at the very end. Looks to be the same person that sent me all the great photos a few post back. (See Jet Star 2 in Lithuania!)

Here is the second video that Gordonas let me know about; Jet Star 2 Elektrėnų atrakcionų parke test ride before the real ride!

I think that I need to head over and meet Gordonas for a ride… Let’s Ride!

Jet Star 2 in Lithuania!

We 1st posted pictures of this Jet Star 2 on this post “Jet Star 2 in Elektrėnai in Lithuania”. Gordonas placed a comment on this blog, he wrote “Good day I have to picture the whole Jet Star 2, and trolley tour photos will do all the video”, so I emailed him and asked him to send anything that he had.. In his return email, he sent me this picture: Then Gordonas sent me these pictures:I alway enjoy seeing readers pictures of there favorite rides… Thanks so much to Gordonas for allowing us to post these pictures. Let’s Ride!

Jet Star 2 in HD

I got another tip from Trackbender that there was some really cool HD videos on YouTube from someone called Deathbyillusion. This first video is Lagoon’s Jet Star 2 and the camera is mounted on the rear of the car. Check out the backwards POV:

Next up is a POV with a unique mount on the front of the car:

These have to be the best videos that I’ve seen of any Jet Star roller coaster. Now all I need to do is to get to the Lagoon to ride the Jet Star 2. Let’s Ride!

Jet Star 2 Looks like a Jumbo Jet Jr.

What a great looking ride this Jet Star 2 is. We reported that this Jumbo Jet wanna be was at Gerstlauer where it was refurbished and looking damn good. Well it seems that this Jet Star 2 is on the move, I got word on my FaceBook account that Sweden will be it’s new home. Ride Entertainment Group of Companies reported that this Jet Star 2 has been moved to “Furuvik in Sweden”. (Furuvik Zoo (Furuviksparken) is an amusement park and zoo in Furuvik) I have check the satellite and it’s not there yet. We will let you know when it is. I think that I am having a major case of roller coaster withdraw.. Let’s Ride!

Lost Jet Star 2?

I know that this blog is about thelostcoaster which is the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point from 1972 to the end of season 1978, however we have gotten a bit off track recently blogging about the Jet Star 2. Trackbender left a comment on Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2? and made reference to a Jet Star 2 “that desperately needs some love too”. So I decided to do some research. The Jet Star 2 that Trackbender was referring too started out at Playcenter São Paulo as Tornado and was in operation from 1982 – 2001.
It seems that the park wanted to refurbish this Jet Star but that may have cost to much for the park. It was then listed as SBNO from 2001 to 2003 and at this point was placed into storage. It was removed from storage and moved to a park called Aventura Selvagem which was to open in 2006. A park called “Beto Carrero World” was owned by the same people that owned Aventura Selvagem and they decided to work on there original park “Beto Carrero World” leaving Aventura Selvagem unfinished. It sounds to me if they ran out of money. The most recent pictures are from 2007:At this point the trail runs cold. Satellite images do not show the park at all. Hopefully this Jet Star 2 has been moved somewhere or is in storage. The hunt continues.

Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2?

Ok… So last week I got it all wrong and this week I make amends for my shoddy reporting. There is a theme park in the UK called Alton Towers and they had a Jet Star 2 called the “Black Hole”. This Jet Star 2 was enclosed and most of the ride was in the dark so the rider never had an idea of what was coming next. According to, the Black Hole was in operation from 1983 to 2005. In 1988 a german company (Which is now called Maurer Söhne) replaced the supports so that this Jet Star 2 could support coupled trains. From March of 2005 and most of 2006 the ride was listed as SBNO. A company called Gerstlauer (A company created by former Schwarzkopf GmbH workers. In 1992 Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH bought the workshops of Schwarzkopf) bought the ride and refurbished the ride in some of the same buildings that the original Jumbo Jet/Jet Star 2 were built in. So we now know why this Jet Star 2 looks like a Jumbo Jet.