Jet Star 2 in Lithuania!

We 1st posted pictures of this Jet Star 2 on this post “Jet Star 2 in Elektrėnai in Lithuania”. Gordonas placed a comment on this blog, he wrote “Good day I have to picture the whole Jet Star 2, and trolley tour photos will do all the video”, so I emailed him and asked him to send anything that he had.. In his return email, he sent me this picture: Then Gordonas sent me these pictures:I alway enjoy seeing readers pictures of there favorite rides… Thanks so much to Gordonas for allowing us to post these pictures. Let’s Ride!

7 comments so far

  1. gordonas on

    ai ken sed mor fotoo ij ju vattt

  2. thelostcoaster on

    Thanks for reading thelostcoaster blog Gordonas… I got the other pictures that you have sent and have posted them. Thanks so much for sending these to us! TLC

  3. gordonas on

    You can add all fot your website You can add all fot your website I want all the photos that would be could correct the error in Lithuania

  4. […] the very end. Looks to be the same person that sent me all the great photos a few post back. (See Jet Star 2 in Lithuania!) GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

    • goordonas on

      jesss its miii 🙂

  5. January on Nice arial view of the park in Elektrenai

  6. gordonas on

    naysss videoo

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