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Cedar Point, the way it was in 73!

WOW this is cool. This video shows the way Cedar Point was back in 1973. As you will recall my first trip to CP was in 1974, the year I got hooked on roller coasters and amusement parks in general. To answer your next question, YES there are shots of our beloved Jumbo Jet. Be watching around 1:52 for a pan shot showing the parking lot and then Jumbo Jet. Also you don’t want to miss this, at 3:19 into the clip, a rare shot of the Jumbo Jet at night with the radar antenna and sign illuminated! Way Cool! The only thing missing is a shot of the polka dots on the roof seen from the needle! As always if you have any video or pictures of Cedar Point and the Jumbo Jet back in the day… Let me know. Let’s Ride!

Hey got an extra “ID ten Tee” form?

Ok call me stupid or an idiot! Why you ask? Well yours truly was so excited to get an invite to the Timberliner tour at the Gravity Group and I forgot my camera last Saturday for the tour. OK now how does that happen? I mean it’s like McDonald’s running out of Fries. It should never happen. I guess I was under the impression that pictures would not be allowed. Now here’s the really stupid thing, my cell phone has a camera and did I use it? No! The Timberliner has to be the most comfortable seat for a wooden coaster with plenty of leg room. A single restraint around the waist will secure you for the ride. Hey Cedar Fair how about upgrading the Mean Streak trains and smooth out that ride? How cool are those new Timberliner Trains? Way Cool! Of course Holiday World is going to be the first park to run the Timberliner Trains on the roller coaster called the Voyage. Can’t wait for summer. Let’s Ride!

A View from above…

The search goes on the the exact location of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. I cannot find it at all. I have searched google maps for the location that is supposed to be Gorky Park in Minsk. So I wanted to see what I could find. Here is a view from above of the Lagoon’s Jet Star 2:

Or you could check out the Birds Eye view from Bing Maps. (Thanks for the Bing Link Drewborg) It seems as if the cold weather will never go away… Think Spring and opening day! Let’s Ride!

I’ve got a golden ticket!

Well maybe not a golden ticket, but I have received and invite to the Gravity Group’s Timberliner Tour coming up this Saturday. They will be showing off the new Timberliner Trains for wooden coasters from their sister company Gravity Kraft. These trains will help smooth out the ride of most wooden coasters. Perhaps a cure for Cedar Point’s Mean Streak or Kings Island’s Son of Beast, so they will not become a lost coaster.
These new trains will be installed on the Voyage at Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana.

I don’t know if they will allow me to take pictures or not, but I will keep you posted on the tour. Let’s Ride!

How did I miss this?

In my many travels around the interweb, I try not to miss anything, but sometimes I do. I had actually seen this video in my travels on YouTube, but because of the year mentioned in the title of 1979 and knowing full well that by this year the Jumbo Jet had left Cedar Point (CP as @drewborg puts it and everyone should know that means Cedar Point!) and well on it’s way to Palace PlayLand in Orchard Beach Maine, I dismissed this and went on. Thanks out to @drewborg, one of my Twitter followers, for pointing out that there is some really good video at 8:35 into the clip. So check it out:

Let this be a lesson to me not to judge a video by it’s title when it comes to Cedar Point. You never know what you’ll find. Again thanks @drewborg! Got any good pictures or video of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet or any other lost rides? Get in touch with me here by leaving a comment or check me out on Twitter by searching for @thelostcoaster! Let’s ride!

Jumbo Jet at Minsk, is it really CP’s?

WOW this will make you go huh what? While doing some research online regarding Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet being moved to a city park in Minsk Belarus called Gorky Park. In the book “Amusement Parks of New Jersey” By Jim Futrell suggest that the Jumbo Jet at Moreys was sold in 1987 to a business contact in Germany who them bartered the ride to Gorky Park in Moscow for 2 freight cars loads of Ketchup! Read the entry in Google Books “Amusement Parks of New Jersey” Got Fries?

Jumbo Jet’s Last Season!

Note how time flies when your having fun… I graduated from Clear Fork Senior High in June of 1978 which was the last year that the Jumbo Jet would be in operation. In May of 1978, Cedar Point published “The Coaster Enthusiast’s Guide to Cedar Point” on page 8 you get all the details on our beloved Jumbo Jet:

Can’t remember the lay of the land in 1978? Well here is the 1978 map to Cedar Point:

Perhaps this bring back some memories for you, I know it does for me. Let’s Ride!

New things for 2010?

We have a bunch of things planned for 2010. Just like the Demon Drop and Jumbo Jet we may move to a new park. We have secured a brand new domain… Wait for it… Are you ready? Wait for it… Big Surprise… Right? Well the construction project is underway and should complete sometime this year, that is if we can figure how to set up WordPress on the GoDaddy Server and then get all of our content from this site to our new site. We are still months away from opening day, but we will keep you posted. In the mean time our search continues for the exact location of our beloved Jumbo Jet;

More trips to Cedar Point and other exciting mini coasters. Keep reading thelostcoaster blog! Let’s Ride!

Funday May 15 2010

Happy New Year 2010… I hope you made all your New Years resolutions and here is something that you will want to include; Saturday Funday May 15 2010 which is Cedar Point’s Opening Day. It will be here soon. My calendar is marked, is yours? Let’s Ride!