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Cedar Point’s Avalanche Run

WOW can you believe that 2009 is almost in the history books? For the last post of 2009, I wanted to give you something a little different. When CoasterBob62 sent me those really great pictures of the Jumbo Jet, he also sent me some shots of Avalanche Run. When you think about it, Avalanche Run is a lost coaster… We will return in 2010 with more great stuff… Thanks for reading thelostcoaster blog and Happy New Year 2010!

Perhaps getting a 2010 platinum pass to Cedar Point is in order? Let’s Ride!

Just for the FUN of it!

As the year draws to an end and the cold weather continues with no end in sight… Thoughts turn to Cedar Point’s opening day… When we can run and play again for the summer… In 1972 opening day was Funday May 20th, Jumbo Jet’s first year at the point along with the Giant Wheel.

So cold weather go away and Cedar Point let us know when the opening day is for 2010. Let’s Ride!

Funtastic Cedar Point 1972

Ho Hmm… Christmas is gone and New Year’s is just around to conner… What is there to look forward to? Well Cedar Point’s opening day… Just imagine, if you could… for just a moment, driving across the Cedar Point Causeway and there it is the Jumbo Jet new for 1972.

You pay your toll for driving across the Causeway and for parking your car. You open up the brochure to get a lay of the land with the new Cedar Point map… Like a madman you plan your entire day with a single glance and know where you need to be first to start your dastardly deeds. So new it’s like you’ve never been there before!

New for 72… the nation’s largest most thrilling Super Rides! Ah yes what I would give to be a kid again and be heading to Cedar Point for the first time…. Let’s Ride!

Cedar Point Memories!

CoasterBob62 is at it again posting some cool Cedar Point video clips. From the PBS special “Cedar Point Memories” you’ll see some great rides that have come and gone. Pay close attention to 2:30 into the clip for a great shot of our beloved Jumbo Jet…

A big thank-you out to CoasterBob62 for posting this video clip on YouTube! Can’t wait for Cedar Point’s 2010 season to begin and make even more memories! Let’s Ride!

Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet

First off I want to thank CoasterBob62 for allowing me to post these pictures of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. The following pictures are from his collection and are some of the best pictures of our beloved Jumbo Jet.
Notice the entrance to the Jumbo Jet and you will see the “You must be this tall to ride”. On this day not a very long line at all.
Above and below, interesting that these pictures were taken at different times, however the radar antenna is in the same place. Plus a much longer wait to ride.

I think that CoasterBob62 and myself may need to take a trip to the Lagoon to ride the Jet Star 2 which is similar to the Jumbo Jet… Let’s Ride!

Jumbo Jet and the Studebaker Bus

Early 1960’s Studebaker Wayne Church Bus

Originally uploaded by Montell305

In all my travels over the interweb there are like 5 pictures of Cedar Point’s Jumbo jet. and this makes 6. This picture was taken in 1973 and I wish we could see more of Cedar Point and the Jumbo Jet. If anyone has any pictures of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet please send them to me. Perhaps CoasterBob62 will have something for me… Stay Tuned… Let’s Ride!!

A Roman Numeral; 5,556

5,556 is a big number… this number refers to the number of photos that have been tagged with the name Jumbo Jet over at Flikr. Most of these are pictures of Jumbo Jet airplanes and so few of the roller coaster. So as a good journalist I went through em all to bring you the very best that Flikr has to offer. Sadly no photos of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet, but these photos of Coney Island’s Jumbo Jet will have to to do:

As you can see Coney Island’s Jumbo Jet is identical to the one that was at Cedar Point. Ah to have her back at Cedar Point again… When is opening day? One can dream! Let’s Ride!!!


From time to time here at thelostcoaster we get off topic and go from lost coasters to something new… Maurer Söhne, who makes a great spinning coaster has something a little different… It is called the SkyLoop. Just think of the Wicked Twister on steroids and you’ve go the SkyLoop. Here is a video from Maurer Söhne:

Company Website: Maurer Söhne SkyLoop XT 150

WICKED! I so want to ride the SkyLoop! Perhaps this would fit were the Demon Drop was located? Let’s Ride!!!

A time to reflect.

This is a very busy time of the year with the holidays and all the festive happenings. I forgot to mention cold too. There is one other thing that happens every December that I cannot stop… Another year older and this year I turn 50 and I think where have all the years gone? It seems like it was just yesterday I was standing in line to ride the Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point. What about all the other trips to Cedar Point? The memories are still vivid in my mind. I look forward to the warm weather and another season of getting to the point to ride all the rides, just like I’ve done every year before. This year will be different because this is the first year I will have a platinum pass and I plan on riding till I puke! Yes folks even at 50 I still gotta ride. Watch out Cedar Point here I come!