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Thankful for the Jumbo Jet

I hope your Thanksgiving day was GREAT and you ate to your hearts content…

Years ago my mother had a complete set of plates with a “Blue Willow” pattern on them and we used them a couple of times for Thanksgivings Day. I came across this picture of a Blue Willow Cedar Point plate featuring my favorite ride the Jumbo Jet and thought how thankful I was to have ridden it… Of course there is lots more that I am thankful for, but I will not bore you with the details… Happy Thanksgivings Day, even if I am a little late do to all the food I ate! Lets Ride!

The incredible voice of Paul Frees

I’ve always wondered who voiced those early to mid 80’s commercials for Demon Drop and Gemini and I’ve found the answer Paul Frees, who has done many voices including the narrator for Disney’s Haunted Mansion:

We all know him from the Demon Drop and Gemini commercials that aired on TV and Radio:

Kinda makes you wonder if there were any commercials for Jumbo Jet? I don’t really recall….

Walibi’s Jumbo Jet!

So someone sent me these pictures of Walibi’s Jumbo Jet and I just found them on my hard drive. How’s that? Lost pictures of a lost coaster on my computer? Some may say poetic justice… I just say OOPS and here are the lost pictures:

This Jumbo Jet was at Walibi’s from 1975 to 1991 and I believe that this Jumbo Jet is at Luna Park. Let’s Ride!

Test Drive Jet Star 2 1/2

I found this interesting clip and thought I would post it of this Jet Star 2 (A.K.A. Jet Star 2 1/2) in Furuvik, Sweden. This it the same Jet Star 2 that was at Alton Towers and was called the “Black Hole” and Gerstlauer refurbished and sent to Sweden. Notice how new and clean it looks and also sounds like a brand new coaster.

Now I want to go to Sweden just to ride this Jet Star 2 1/2. I even love the colors. Real close to the color of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet and WildCat. Let’s Ride!!!

Unique view of the WildCat!

We all know the story, that Jumbo Jet left Cedar Point at the end of season in 1978. Taking Jumbo Jet’s place was the new WildCat, which we posted some great pictures of back August of 2010. (See “WildCat in Jumbo Jet’s spot!”). In my travels around the web, I found this unique view of WildCat:To give you a point of reference the beach and lake is at the top of the photo. Is summer here YET? Let’s Ride!