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Jumbo Jet at Výstaviště Praha in 1991?

So, I was snooping around this morning on the interweb looking for something new to post to thelostcoaster blog and came up with a big fat ZERO (not a thing, not anything, nil, naught/nought; zilch, zip, nada, diddly-squat, squat)!! Do you know how hard it is to find new information when this blog seems to be the authority on Jumbo Jet Roller Coasters? So as much as I try, “I” seem to get in my way. Anywho! Returning to thelostcoaster blog to do some general house keeping, I found 2 very cryptic comments under the post “What WE Know“. The 1st post was simply “Praha 1991 Vystaviste” and the second “Prague Praha 20.05.1991 Vystaviste Holesovice 28.10.1991”. After some time on Google Translation and WikipediA I came up with an interesting conclusion… Let me share… Výstaviště in Praha (Prague) in the suburb of Holešovice is an exhibition ground which is used for exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events.


These photos of Vystaviste, Prague Exhibition Grounds are courtesy of TripAdvisor

The second comment “Prague Praha 20.05.1991 Vystaviste Holesovice 28.10.1991”. Could this mean that Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet was in Výstaviště Holešovice Prague from May 20th 1991 to October 28th 1991? Let’s not forget what Andre Blunck revealed to us back in 2009 “…it (Jumbo Jet) stood in Sweden in a citypark. After this season Wieland bought the ride and rented it to Prague for a Expo Fair. After the Fair the ride was destroyed in Prague by some kids” (See post “MORE Bits and Pieces Revealed“). More to come…