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Spiral Lift Hill with a Hotrail!

One of the most interesting features of the Jumbo Jet is how it ascends the spiral lift hill. Each train has a motor that attaches to electricity via the “Hotrail” that propels that train up the hill. For a better understand we go to Schwarzkopf Coaster Net, Michael Pantenburg writes; “Self driven cars can be found on “Jet Star 2”, “Jumbo Jet”, “City Jet” and “Speedracer”. A contact rail, which is mounted in the middle of the track, gives current to the collector of each vehicle. That powers a motor which is connected by cardan shafts with two wheels (one on each axle of the vehicle). These wheels are running right hand side on the contact rails top side. This moves the vehicle forward.” See the section Self driven cars on Schwarzkopf Coaster Net Drive Types