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Next in line City Jet 400

1972 was the 1st year for the Jumbo Jet and Cedar Point had one in there park that same year. In 1973 Schwarzkopf introduced the City Jet or Jet 400 which is an odd looking coaster. Last year Movieland Studios in Lago di Garda, Veneto, Italy introduced the BrontoJet. Which is a refurbished City Jet coaster and was relocated to the park by Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH.

This coaster was at Lightwater Valley and was named the Viper in operation from 1996 – 2001. The coaster was moved to Loudoun Castle and was in operation from July of 2002 through 2004. The name was changed to Slitherin’ from Viper in 2004, then was in storage from 2005 – 2009 according to RCDB. Exactly where this coaster was prior to 1996 is anyone’s guess. I think that I will stick with the Jumbo Jet, if you don’t mind!

Lost Jet Star 2?

I know that this blog is about thelostcoaster which is the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point from 1972 to the end of season 1978, however we have gotten a bit off track recently blogging about the Jet Star 2. Trackbender left a comment on Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2? and made reference to a Jet Star 2 “that desperately needs some love too”. So I decided to do some research. The Jet Star 2 that Trackbender was referring too started out at Playcenter São Paulo as Tornado and was in operation from 1982 – 2001.
It seems that the park wanted to refurbish this Jet Star but that may have cost to much for the park. It was then listed as SBNO from 2001 to 2003 and at this point was placed into storage. It was removed from storage and moved to a park called Aventura Selvagem which was to open in 2006. A park called “Beto Carrero World” was owned by the same people that owned Aventura Selvagem and they decided to work on there original park “Beto Carrero World” leaving Aventura Selvagem unfinished. It sounds to me if they ran out of money. The most recent pictures are from 2007:At this point the trail runs cold. Satellite images do not show the park at all. Hopefully this Jet Star 2 has been moved somewhere or is in storage. The hunt continues.

Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2?

Ok… So last week I got it all wrong and this week I make amends for my shoddy reporting. There is a theme park in the UK called Alton Towers and they had a Jet Star 2 called the “Black Hole”. This Jet Star 2 was enclosed and most of the ride was in the dark so the rider never had an idea of what was coming next. According to, the Black Hole was in operation from 1983 to 2005. In 1988 a german company (Which is now called Maurer Söhne) replaced the supports so that this Jet Star 2 could support coupled trains. From March of 2005 and most of 2006 the ride was listed as SBNO. A company called Gerstlauer (A company created by former Schwarzkopf GmbH workers. In 1992 Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH bought the workshops of Schwarzkopf) bought the ride and refurbished the ride in some of the same buildings that the original Jumbo Jet/Jet Star 2 were built in. So we now know why this Jet Star 2 looks like a Jumbo Jet.

Jumbo Jet/City Jet at Six Flags Georgia?

Is it spring yet? Well… No it is not, however we can all look forward to Cedar Points opening day. The other day I was surfing the interweb and was reading up on Six Flags over Georgia’s new coaster “Dare Devil Dive” with a link to some really cool photos on FaceBook. I came across one photo that seemed out of place:Could be that Six Flags over Georgia is getting a Jumbo/City Jet? Where did this one come from? Looking brand new or recently refurbished. So many questions, so little answers. A point to ponder. If you have any information leave a comment on this very blog!
*Update* 02/06/11 6:00PM
TJ advised via FaceBook; “These pics were taken at the Gerstlauer factory in Germany where SFOG’s new coaster was being built… I think. This JJ just happens to be in the background.”