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Welcome to Dreamland

Another installment of Парк развлечений Dreamland, this time I found a really cool video on Vimeo. I don’t speak Russian and I have no idea what they are saying, however there are some great shots of the park including our favorite roller coaster Jumbo Jet… Let our tour begin.. Welcome to Dreamland:

Парк развлечений «Dreamland»

I have finally found an on ride video of Jumbo Jet at Парк развлечений (Google translation is Amusement Park), Dreamland in Minsk Belarus. This video was posted on 03/16/2011. Old girl is looking good, take a look for yourself:

The next video DREAMLAND Горки Минск(slides Minsk)was posted on 11/19/2011

Good to see Jumbo Jet up and running… Perhaps I should start planning my trip to Парк развлечений Dreamland in Minsk Belarus… Let’s Ride!

Lost Again?

From time to time I check out how this blog is found on the web and I will use the search terms that show up in my stats. Earlier today I went searching for “jumbo jet аттракцион” (аттракцион is russian for attraction). I never know for sure what I will find. You can imagine my surprise when I came across this site:Can this be true that Cedar Points Jumbo Jet is up for sale?Does this mean that our beloved Jumbo Jet may be on the move again? Would Cedar Point have this model restored to it’s original 1972 condition with upgrades to todays standards? We will keep you updated… More to come….

Jumbo Jet from above!

What a great gift just in time for spring. I was wondering when our beloved Jumbo Jet would show on Google Maps at Dreamland in Minsk Belarus. I have been checking all winter long and the wait is over! From the looks of the current satellite view, it looks as if Dreamland has grown as well.Here is the previous satellite view of Jumbo Jet’s spot at Dreamland:I am so ready for Cedar Point to open… Perhaps one day I will get to Dreamland in Minsk Belarus to ride the Jumbo Jet a couple of more times. Let’s Ride!

An open letter to Dreamland!

A picture of Dreamland in Minsk Belarus

I thought I would share an email with you that I wrote to Dreamland in Minsk Belarus regarding our beloved Jumbo Jet. Then I got to thinking that they might not know english so I had the letter translated in to Russian compliments of Google… Who knew it would be FREE! I’ll keep you posted on any response that I get from Dreamland.

From: Jumbo Jet
Subject: Regarding the Jumbo Jet – Что касается Jumbo Jet
Date: July 27, 2010 1:49:47 PM EDT
Hello Dreamland,
My name is Jerry McCready and I write a blog dedicated to a ride called the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio USA from 1972 – 1978. I have reason to believe that the ride by the same name that was erected at your park earlier this year is the same ride. I was wondering if you would be so good as to take some additional digital pictures of the Jumbo Jet and send them to me, so I could post on my blog. Perhaps you might have a video of the Jumbo Jet in action. Anything that you could provide would be welcomed.

Kindest Regards,


English to Russian Translation from Google.
Russian looks really cool / Русский действительно впечатляют:
Здравствуйте, Dreamland,
Меня зовут Джерри McCready, и я пишу блог, посвященный ездить называется Jumbo Jet, которая была в Сидар-Пойнт в Сандаски Огайо США с 1972 – 1978. У меня есть основания полагать, что ездить с тем же именем, который был возведен в вашем парке в начале этого года такая же ехать. Мне было интересно, если бы вы были так добры принять некоторые дополнительные цифровые изображения Jumbo Jet и отправлять их мне, чтобы я мог пост в моем блоге. Может быть, у вас может быть видео Jumbo Jet в действии. Все, что вы могли бы обеспечить, будет приветствоваться.

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Jumbo Jet – прокачу!
Мобильный телефон: Removed
Блог / щебетать:
Забыли Coaster:
Jumbo Jet (Jet Star 3)
1972 – 1978 в Сидар-Пойнт
1979 – 0000 во Дворце Плейленд, Орчард-Бич штата Мэн
0000 – 0000 это???? Touring Европы
0000 – 0000 в Мальме Folkets Парк, Швеция
0000 – 0000 в Праге ????,
0000 – 2009 на Beoland, Нижний Новгород, Россия
2010 – 0000 в Dreamland “, Минск, Беларусь

Jumbo Jet at Dreamland, Minsk Belarus

You just never know what you’ll come up with. Someone, just left information on this very blog that a Jumbo Jet is at Dreamland in Minsk Belarus and it is the same one that was at Beoland: That same someone also gave me the link to Dreamland: Here is what Dreamland says about the Jumbo Jet:
Need extreme and dizzy feeling? You are missing the drive, the speed of blood and exciting experiences? You want to find yourself at the peak of emotion? Ahead of the summer and wonderful discovery! This year’s dreams become reality. That only is the new slopes of the mountain “Jumbo Jet” in an amusement park “Dreamland”! Do not miss the chance to ride on the first attraction height of 24 meters (which is – 5-storey building!), Length of 960 meters and at speeds of up to 70 km / h! This is the highest speed and hill with incredible banked turns in our town.

Here is the link to Dreamland (Google translation of the page)

Here is the current view from Google Maps:

We will keep a watch and let you know when Google Maps shows the Jumbo Jet. Perhaps this is the construction site:Pack your bags for Minsk Belarus destination Dreamland. Let’s Ride!