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What WE know!

What we know is not much as to the location of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. My favorite picture of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. Thanks CoasterBob62!

For the most part here is the timeline that I can come up with:
The Lost Coaster:
Jumbo Jet (Jet Star 3)
1972 – 1978 at Cedar Point
0000 – 0000 at Palace PlayLand, Orchard Beach Maine
0000 – 0000 at ???? Touring Europe
0000 – 0000 at Malmö Folkets Park, Sweden
0000 – 0000 at ????, Prague
0000 – 0000 at Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
0000 – 0000 at Minsk, Belarus
From what I can tell this is mostly correct even though I am missing a lot of dates. I have tried to contact Palace Playland to see if I they had any information on the Jumbo Jet and my emails have gone unanswered. I do know that a Jumbo Jet was at Palace Playland in 1983 because there is a picture in the Lewiston Daily Sun May 14 1983 edition. Thanks to Ryanjm13 who sent me the link! It’s like putting together a BIG jigsaw puzzle and you have to put 2 and 2 together to get 4. You get a little info here and get an “I think” there and a “not really sure” in an email, one thing is for sure, the hunt continues and if you know anything about Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet or have some great pictures let me know. Together we will find the location of out favorite ride, CP’s Jumbo Jet!

UPDATE 7:00am 05/01/2010
I just checked Google Maps and the view from above shows the Jumbo Jet being dismantled at Beoland. Not sure when this image was taken:

I have taken a screen shot of the image to preserve this moment. See Google Map’s Jumbo Jet being dismantled at Beoland!

UPDATE #2 According to Bing Maps the Jumbo Jet that was at Beoland is gone:

Check out Bing Maps and see Beoland is no more. Thanks to @drewborg on Twitter for the heads up. Looks as if this Jumbo Jet is truly thelostcoaster!

New Ride Announcement for 1972

By now you should know that the Jumbo Jet is my all time favorite ride. Why you ask? Well because my 1st trip to Cedar Point was 1974 and the Jumbo Jet was what the 1st BIG coaster that I ever rode. Just imagine if you could what it would have been like if the interweb was around in 1971. Hey Al why didn’t you invent the interweb sooner?

Jumbo Jet on the beach at Lake Erie

Opening day Saturday Funday May 20 1972 is the brand new Jumbo Jet! No fancy gimmicks, just an announcement that’s it. Now where is my passport? I feel the need to ride the Jumbo Jet in Beoland? Can’t wait for the announcement 09.03.09 at 09:10am for “Whyte Lightning” 2010! Let’s Ride!

CP’s Jumbo Jet @ Beoland Russia

I have sent lots of emails out regarding the Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point, about where it is today and for the most part I get “Gee we don’t really know”. However last night I received a reply from Schwarzkopf Coaster Net and the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point is at Beoland in Russia. Michael Pantenburg writes:
After leaving Cedar Point, it has been at several stationary parks (for example Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA) and has traveled with a few showmen before going to Beoland in Russia. Beoland was originally scheduled to open in 2001, but was delayed until the 2002 or 2003 season. Prior to Russia, the coaster was refurbished by Wieland Schwarzkopf.
At this point we are not really sure if the Jumbo Jet is in operation or SBNO. We now know the beginning and the end. The research continues for the in between. He also sent me this photo:

JumboJet at Beoland, Russia

Thanks to Michael Pantenburg at Schwarzkopf Coaster Net