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Luna Park’s Jumbo Jet

Some new video on YouTube has surfaced of Luna Park Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet. First up is GFcoaster’s new video:

Finally a night time video from AS13460:

Jumbo Jet – ONride – Luna Park / Amigoland

Here is a new video of Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet that was posted on YouTube at the end of December:

So time to brush up on your French and head to Amigoland to ride the Jumbo Jet. Who’s with me?

Jumbo Jet Attraction, Manèges

Jumbo Jet by xzarobas
Jumbo Jet, a photo by xzarobas on Flickr.

I found some great B&W pictures of a Jumbo Jet that I believe to be at Amigoland in Le Grau du Roi, France. All I can say is WOW! Flickr allows me to post on my blog through the magic of the interweb. I hope that you have a great 4th of July and Ride on!

Réflexion manège...

Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet Part Deux

One of the coolest things on the net is Google Maps and Street View and man the things that you can see from above and at the street level. On this post we travel to France and check out the Jumbo Jet at Amigoland. Our original blog post was titled Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet!Google Maps Satellite of Amigoland

I hope that Google won’t mind that I “borrowed” these screen shots. Now lets hope that Street View gets to Minsk Belarus so we can see our beloved Jumbo Jet. Let’s Ride!

Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet

In all my travels on the interweb, I had not come across this Jumbo Jet at Amigoland in Le Grau du Roi, France (Google Map Satellite) . I guess that I did not read Andre Blunck’s email close enough. He mentions; “Another Jumbo is played every summer at the Southcoast in a french Lunapark (similar with a Pier)“. I thought you might be interested to see Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet:
Amigoland's Jumbo Jet

Amigoland's Jumbo Jet (Front)

A YouTube video of Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet in action:

Pack your bags next summer for a trip to France, China or Belarus for a chance at riding a Jumbo Jet… My bags are packed are yours? Let’s Ride!