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What I did on Labor Day 2009

Labor day is the official end to summer and your probably figuring that I was waiting in line to ride the Maverick and spending a fun filled day at Cedar Point, well you guessed wrong. I spent most of my Monday building the K’NEX Looping Lightning Coaster. With 622 little plastic pieces and a detailed instruction manual this coaster is a blast to build and then play with. You need to be 9 years and older to build. Here is the coaster in action:

You are correct that I am a bit of a geek. Perhaps one more trip to Cedar Point is in order to ride the real coasters. Lets Ride!

How fun is this?

Have you seen these coaster models from K’NEX? These models look like a lot of fun and you should check out the K’NEX Loopin’ Lightning Coaster:

What would really be cool if K’NEX could produce a model of the Jumbo Jet, now there’s something that I would buy and build. Hey K’NEX how about a Jumbo Jet model? K’NEX new lost coaster series featuring the Jumbo Jet. 🙂 Let’s Build and Ride!