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30,000 a good round number!

WOW! I was checking the stats of this little blog. It hard to believe that we started on May 31st 2009 with 3 hits. My 1st post was “Hello World”. Today we near *30,000 hits on this humble little blog dedicated to Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. We have changed the focus just a tad bit to Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet and other Jet Star Coasters… Let’s Ride!. If this is your 1st time to our blog or a returning visitor we say “Hello World” and Welcome. So come right in, sit for a spell leave a comment or two and help us reach 60,000! Oh and one more thing… Let’s Ride!
* 07/28/2011 8:23pm hits 30,005 Woo Hoo we made it!

Jet Star 2 in Lithuania!

We 1st posted pictures of this Jet Star 2 on this post “Jet Star 2 in Elektrėnai in Lithuania”. Gordonas placed a comment on this blog, he wrote “Good day I have to picture the whole Jet Star 2, and trolley tour photos will do all the video”, so I emailed him and asked him to send anything that he had.. In his return email, he sent me this picture: Then Gordonas sent me these pictures:I alway enjoy seeing readers pictures of there favorite rides… Thanks so much to Gordonas for allowing us to post these pictures. Let’s Ride!

Rocket, Jet Star 2 1/2

The Rocket which is a converted Jet Star 2, at one time was called the Black Hole. The Black Hole was enclosed in a tent and was I guess you would call it a dark ride. Alton Towers, who owned the ride decided they wanted to couple the trains. Since a Jet Star 2 cannot handle coupled trains, the Black Hole needed to be retro fitted and updated to a Jet Star 3. Now I am hearing that Gerstlauer was the company that converted the the supports to the same that are on a Jet Star 3 or Jumbo Jet. We 1st touched on this back in June of 2010, however we did not know that this was Alton Tower’s Black Hole (See “How do you build a Jet Star?”). I recently found this photo that is a little different than what we posted in our original post:While I was on Gerstlauer’s website, I found these promotional photos of the Rocket:This ride looks SICK and I want to ride. First stop Sweden, 2nd stop Minsk Belarus… Watch out Rocket and Jumbo Jet here I come. Let’s Ride!

Jet Star 2 in HD

I got another tip from Trackbender that there was some really cool HD videos on YouTube from someone called Deathbyillusion. This first video is Lagoon’s Jet Star 2 and the camera is mounted on the rear of the car. Check out the backwards POV:

Next up is a POV with a unique mount on the front of the car:

These have to be the best videos that I’ve seen of any Jet Star roller coaster. Now all I need to do is to get to the Lagoon to ride the Jet Star 2. Let’s Ride!

Jumbo Jet Attraction, Manèges

Jumbo Jet by xzarobas
Jumbo Jet, a photo by xzarobas on Flickr.

I found some great B&W pictures of a Jumbo Jet that I believe to be at Amigoland in Le Grau du Roi, France. All I can say is WOW! Flickr allows me to post on my blog through the magic of the interweb. I hope that you have a great 4th of July and Ride on!

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