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All I want for Christmas is….

All I want for Christmas is a Spiral Lift Hill! This video from YouTube really shows the spiral lift in action on a Jet Star 2 at the Lagoon in Utah.

The main difference between the Jumbo Jet and a Jet Star 2 is the support structures are different and the Jumbo Jet has a longer track…. For the most part they are the same ride… Yes all I want for Christmas is a SPRIAL LIFT HILL! Let’s Ride!

The spiral lift hill…

One of the coolest things about the Jumbo Jet is the spiral lift hill. You take a leisurely ride up the spiral and then it’s all downhill from there. Some think that the spiral lift hill is very boring, however the spiral lift gives you time to think about what is going to happen… that first rude drop! Not to mention the view that you got of Cedar Point and the lake as you took this trip. I found this picture of Astroland’s Jumbo Jet and it gives you an up close view of the spiral lift hill.

The spiral lift hill, a unique way to start a roller coaster ride… Who else is ready to ride the Jumbo Jet with me? Let’s Ride!