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Wildwood Boardwalk 1986

Every once in awhile I get tips from readers of this blog. On 06/27/11, I posted a video on the post entitled “Cedar Point 1973” and Trackbender let me know that there was some good video on YouTube and all I would need to do is search Wildwood Boardwalk 1986. Trackbender wrote: “There’s a great close up shot of the Morey Pier Jumbo Jet at in action at the 6:17 mark. Enjoy!” Thanks Trackbender for bringing this to my attention.

Cedar Point 1973

Seems like new stuff keeps coming up on YouTube. I found this clip from Super 8 home movies. Its gets a little long so be watching for the Jumbo Jet at :51 from the SkyRide, then at 6:46 from the Space Needle, and then at 12:54 see the Jumbo Jet spiral at night.

Lost Again?

From time to time I check out how this blog is found on the web and I will use the search terms that show up in my stats. Earlier today I went searching for “jumbo jet аттракцион” (аттракцион is russian for attraction). I never know for sure what I will find. You can imagine my surprise when I came across this site:Can this be true that Cedar Points Jumbo Jet is up for sale?Does this mean that our beloved Jumbo Jet may be on the move again? Would Cedar Point have this model restored to it’s original 1972 condition with upgrades to todays standards? We will keep you updated… More to come….

Furuvik’s Rocket Jet Star II

The Gerstlauer Jet Star II has landed at Furuvik Zoo and Amusement Park in Gävle Municipality, Gävleborg County, Sweden. We first reported this on March 31 2011 with a post titled Jet Star 2 Looks like a Jumbo Jet Jr. The proof is in the video:

The website also shows the Jet Star II:
However the satellite still does not show the ride from above:

Join in the FUN!

We all know that Jumbo Jet’s last season was 1978 and by 1979 the new WildCat was in it’s place. I was looking at a brochure for 1979 and saw a picture of buses that would take you out to your car in the parking lot after a long day at the Park:When I look closer at the picture I see the Jumbo Jet standing proud:Woops… looks like someone made a little mistake when putting together this brochure. Like the Jumbo Jet the buses have long left Cedar Point!


Bloggers note… We have been on hiatus taking care on things in our personal life plus getting to Cedar Point to ride and ride.
One of my FaceBook contacts TJ Weaver (the same person who did the Jumbo Jet no limits recreation) brought this to my attention. Amusement Park Machines is a booklet written by Christine Hahn back in 1979. This booklet describes the various machines and what they do in an amusement park. From what I can tell this booklet is no longer in print. I would really love to have a copy of it. If you see a copy online drop me a line. TJ sent me some scans of Cedar Point’s beloved Jumbo Jet