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We’ve gone BANANAS!

This post has nothing to do with the Jumbo Jet! I was surfing the interweb and came across a mention of a BIC Banana which every kid in the 70’s had. For those of you that don’t know what a BIC Banana is, well it’s simply a cheap marker (like a felt tip pen with a lot more colors), but a lot cooler as in a far out 70’s way. WOW! Look at that price $1.98 for 10! I’ll take a bunch! Yep good ole banana humor!Here is a classic commercial for the BIC Banana:

Then I found the holy grail of BIC Banana lore… Charles Nelson Reilly dressed in a banana suit and singing the BIC Banana jingle:

Ok… here we go… sing with me!
Oh we’ve gone Bananas, for BiC Banana Ink Crayon
You’ll learn to write a lot – of – ways
Oh we’ve gone Bananas, for BiC Banana Ink Crayon
The colors are so – bright – and gay
Oh you can learn to color, write smooth lines or fat *Ah-huh*
Draw a banana, and give it a hat
Okay bunch!
You’ll go, BANANAS!, For BiC Banana Inc Crayon,
You’ll learn to write a Lot – of – WAYs

So give me a BIC Banana and a ride on the Jumbo Jet, both which I am not sure I will every be able to have or ride again….