Lost Jet Star 2?

It’ll be a sad day if this is true… I got some bad news on thelostcoaster Facebook page… regarding this Jet Star 2
Lost Jet Star 2Gordonas Kruminas writes “Another one bites the dust. Jet Star 2, a Schwarzkopf coaster at Vaiku Pasaulis is SBNO and will be demolished soon.” Gordonas went on to say “I asked the park owner if they would sell the coaster or demolish it? They said they would demolish the ride as its unlikely someone would want to buy it in this state. If someone is interested then maybe they should talk to the owners as there is a good chance they may consider giving it away.” I hope someone can save this Jet Star 2 from being a lost coaster… A very sad day…

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  1. Gordonas on

    Sou sed ;(

  2. gordonas on


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