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Reflections from thelostcoaster blogger….

I started this blog on 05/31/2009 as a way to keep the kid inside of me and for the most part that has worked. I was having a mid-life crisis and could not believe that I was approaching the big 5-Oh (NO say it ain’t true!). It seemed like just yesterday I was in the 8th grade and ridding the Jumbo Jet for the 1st time. I figured that I would do a little work find out what I needed to know and then move on.

Several times I have taken a sabbatical thinking that my work was done and I could walk away, after all I found thelostcoaster in Minsk Belarus. Right…or did I? When it comes right down to it, I don’t really know if I found CP’s Jumbo Jet. Signs are good that I have, but I don’t really know for sure. Each time I would return with more information on one of many Jet Star type coasters and there stories kept growing. Along the way I’ve met some really neat people both in person and by email. Who would have thought that a little blog about a roller coaster could have lasted so long? Not me. So I continue… a couple of post here and there and I hope that the videos, pictures and little things that I write fill your thirst about the coaster that started it all for me… CP’s Jumbo Jet… thelostcoaster….

The Rocket Up Close!

Since we did several posts about the Jet Star 2… I thought it was time to get up close and personal with what I call a Jet Star 2 1/2. It has the layout of a Jet Star 2, with the support beams of a Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 3 and can support 2 cars in a train. This is Furuvik’s Rocket (Alton Tower’s Black Hole):

GateKeeper in Jumbo Jet’s Spot

So Cedar Point has announced that the new ride for 2013 is GateKeeper, which will take the place of Disaster Transport which took the place of WildCat. To me this conner of CP will always be hallowed ground and the ground that Jumbo Jet made famous…. Let’s take a virtual ride on GateKeeper: