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Have wheels, will travel!

Here is something that will make you go wOOt! Looks like all those trips to Cedar Point this summer, I will be traveling in style! Meet Herbert:

Gravity Kraft ain’t got nothing on this train! Premium Cedar Point pass, here I come. Let’s Ride!

Cedar Point 1974

All the places that you wanna go this summer are at Cedar Point! It seems to be a right of passage, if you grew up in and around Sandusky Ohio, you may have made that annual trip to Cedar Point. You always remember that drive across the Cedar Point Causeway as you watch the rides in the distance become a reality. As you pay your toll, you are provided with a park map and the brochure of the year. Here is a copy of the brochure from 1974:

I am still searching for the 1974 park map, if you have one would you contact me? Opening day will be here SOON! Let’s Ride!

Lost Everything?

Coney Island had it’s very own Jumbo Jet, just like the one that was at Cedar Point. Same color and all. CI’s Jumbo Jet was dismantled in 2002 and moved to a park in China. [At least that is the word on the interweb]. Seems that things are dire for CI and a developer is buying up all the land in CI. Perhaps this is an end to an american classic? The lost amusement park? Here is a video preview of the documentary “Last Summer at Coney Island”:

Check out the “Last Summer at Coney Island” on KickStarter!