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Can You Hear My Ringtone NOW?

I have a SmartPhone which I have tricked out with all types of cool Jumbo Jet stuff. For the background I am using this picture, which I consider one the best in my collection:
I was thinking the other day how cool would it be if I could get a copy of those Jumbo Jet sounds that CoasterBob62 recorded back in the day (See the YouTube Video on our post “Can you hear me now?”) and use that for my ringtone. So I contacted CB62 and asked him if he would send a MP3 copy of the Jumbo Jet that he recorded back in the 70’s and he did. Here is my current ringtone:

So play this file and close your eyes, You”ll think that your are standing in front of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet, Let’s Ride!