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Jet Star 2 Up Close

Here are some more photos of the Jet Star 2 in Lithuania:

Jet Star by SDC for sale?

Are you looking for a Jet Star for your backyard? Well you may be in luck and you’ll need a really big back yard. Gordonas one of my many followers sent me a link for a Jet Star that is up for sale: The interesting thing is that all though it looks like the Jumbo Jet, this coaster was built by a company called SDC (SDC on RCDB) which is no longer in business. You can check out the Jet Star for sale at .

Custom Jumbo Jet?

Just north of Chicago in Gurnee IL is a little park called Six Flags Great America and the have an Anton Schwarzkopf roller coaster that is one of the last “Speedracer” roller coaster ever built. You might call it a custom Jumbo Jet. The “Speedracer” named the Whizzer is a permanent model where as the Jumbo Jet and other “Jet Star” models are not. Both have a spiral lift hill and thats where the similarities end. Take a ride on the Whizzer to find out for yourself.

Sold for SCRAP???

WildCat was new for 1979 and replaced Jumbo Jet, that headed for Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. News is not good for WildCat It has been reported that Cedar Point’s WildCat has been removed from the park and sold for scrap, this means that the coaster is truly lost. I’ve reposted the pictures that have appeared on this very blog and in the original colors. 1979 – 2011 RIP WildCat!




Here is the WildCat POV:

Jumbo Jet July 1973

Hello…and look who is back. After a long hiatus from this very blog, I have returned and on the prowl again for anything Jumbo Jet, Jet Star 2 or WildCat. Drop me a line at thelostcoaster at live dot com or thelostcoaster at facebook dot com if you have any pictures or ideas. Alright here we go! I found this great picture looking down on our beloved Jumbo Jet from what I would believe is from the space needle. Look how close she sets next to the beach and the cue lines in direct sunshine and no shade, You know that was a long hot wait!This picture was taken in July 1973 by Macserv and Jumbo Jet was looking good. The next year would be my 1st and only time to ride her. Until next time Cheers!