Sold for SCRAP???

WildCat was new for 1979 and replaced Jumbo Jet, that headed for Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. News is not good for WildCat It has been reported that Cedar Point’s WildCat has been removed from the park and sold for scrap, this means that the coaster is truly lost. I’ve reposted the pictures that have appeared on this very blog and in the original colors. 1979 – 2011 RIP WildCat!




Here is the WildCat POV:


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  1. gordonas on

    I am so sad that this amazing roller coaster is gone for ever. Is this the last ride in video? I wonder why ceder point wildcat has been taken away. Does anyone know the reason for this? I hope it´s not just for the money. If that´s the case it just plain sad. Many people had such a good experiences riding it, so it seems strange to take it away. Best regards. /Gordonas

  2. Ignas G. on

    I think this is THE case of everything that is now wrong with the world of today… I still hope to ride a Wildcat someday.

  3. gordonas on




    I wish I still hope to ride a Wildcat someday. one day

  4. on

    this is most sad. it was one of my favorites.

  5. gordonas on


  6. […] keep wondering if the WildCat was in fact sold for scrap? (See Sold for Scrap) A point to […]

  7. Mike on

    To my knowledge the WIldcat (speaking of first of the two Wildcats at Cedar Point) went to Valley Fair. What do you think?

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