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PNE’s JetStar2, Lost? Now found?

About a week ago, I get this comment on one of my post from a person called “MG” and they write; “i have a complete jet star ll in new jersey. i have had it for years and it has had much restoration work done, the track and jackstands are all rust free and there are 8 cars. it would take about $200,000 to finish the ride as it needs a new braking system and lights. all the important parts are stored in trailers. i also have spare coaster wheel housing covers for sale. the coaster is not for sale but would consider a partner. the ride, when finished, can stand up against newer and more spectacular rides. lagoon in utah had the only other one that i knew about.”
Turns out this stored Jet Star II may be PNE’s Super Big Gulp:Here is the Super Big Gulp in action:I contact MG and ask if they could send me some pictures of this Jet Star II. MG Writes “the ride was in canada years ago at the pne. i bought it, moved it to the usa and slowly started to work on it. one of these days it will be finished and definitely better then when it was new. just the wheel housing alone were a major upgrade as they were too light originally and caused many problems including a jumbo jet tragedy in coney island. the jumbo jet and jet star ll used same cars” Enclosed in the email, MG sends me a couple of shots. Here is what they sent me. This is a picture of the Jet Star II track:This shows the support or jack stands of the Jet Star IIHere is the Jet Star II wheel housing:How cool is this? Way Cool… Thanks goes out to MG for sending me some great stuff. Perhaps if MG see this they might send a picture or 2 of the cars them self. I’d go to New Jersey to ride this Jet Star II, then again I would go almost anywhere to ride the Jumbo Jet or the Jet Star II.. Let’s Ride!