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Halloweekends or Bust!

I am heading to Cedar Point tonight for Halloweekends! I was on Cedar Points site and found a link to CP’s YouTube site and found this:

All you fear is here! Cedar Point! Cannot wait…. Let’s Ride!

Greetings from….

Greetings from Old Orchard Beach Maine… I got an email from ryanjm13 after he placed a comment on this very blog:
I have an old post card from old orchard beach (palace playland) and the JJ that they used to have is consistent with the one from CP due to the red track with blue supports and the same style sign mounted on the top. also lists Cedar points and Palace Playlands as the same one.

Here is what he sent me:

Greetings From Old Orchard Beach Main 1Greetings From Old Orchard Beach Main 2

Very Cool… We now have proof that Palace Playland had a Jumbo Jet, the only question is it our beloved Jumbo Jet from Cedar Point? The hunt continues for thelostcoaster! Got something in your collection that relates to the Jumbo Jet drop me a comment or find me on twitter @thelostcoaster

Nothing to do with Jets….

So when does a Jumbo Jet have nothing to do with Jets? When it’s called Glissade. This post is really for Andre (See comments on “New Ride Announcement for 1972“) who feels the same way about Glissade that was at Busch gardens, that I feel about the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point. I found this photo on


At least I’m not the only one that likes the “compact steel Schwarzkopf creations“. Let’s Ride!

You seen one Jumbo Jet….

The old saying goes, “You’ve seen one Jumbo Jet, you’ve seen em all“… Well we don’t buy that at all. I found this photo of the Jumbo Jet that was at Coney Island (Same ride that was at Cedar Point right down to the color) and it gives a different perspective of the ride.

Jumbo Jet In A Hurry

Most of the Jumbo Jet’s/Jet Star 3’s are no longer in operation in the USA. The closest you will get to a Jumbo Jet/Jet Star 3 in the USA is the Jet Star 2 in operation at the Lagoon in Utah. Let’s Ride!

Jumbo Jet RIP

Well it looks like Cedar Point is all ready for Halloweekends, included this year is the “Dead Rides Cemetery”. I almost cried what I saw the head stone from our beloved Jumbo Jet… Rest in peace!

Jumbo Jet RIP

Thanks to Andrew B for posting this on Flickr. Make sure to check out all of his CP photos including the Halloweekend album.

The closest we will get!

This video is a rider’s point of view of the Lagoon’s Jet Star 2. It’s the closet we will get to a Jumbo Jet riders point of view. The main difference between this ride and the Jumbo Jet is the support structures and the Jumbo Jet has a longer track…

That will give you an idea what it was like to ride the Jumbo Jet, a thrill ride that is now the lost coaster.

What I did on Labor Day 2009

Labor day is the official end to summer and your probably figuring that I was waiting in line to ride the Maverick and spending a fun filled day at Cedar Point, well you guessed wrong. I spent most of my Monday building the K’NEX Looping Lightning Coaster. With 622 little plastic pieces and a detailed instruction manual this coaster is a blast to build and then play with. You need to be 9 years and older to build. Here is the coaster in action:

You are correct that I am a bit of a geek. Perhaps one more trip to Cedar Point is in order to ride the real coasters. Lets Ride!

How fun is this?

Have you seen these coaster models from K’NEX? These models look like a lot of fun and you should check out the K’NEX Loopin’ Lightning Coaster:

What would really be cool if K’NEX could produce a model of the Jumbo Jet, now there’s something that I would buy and build. Hey K’NEX how about a Jumbo Jet model? K’NEX new lost coaster series featuring the Jumbo Jet. 🙂 Let’s Build and Ride!

Maverick my favorite coaster?

On my last trip to Cedar Point, I realized that my favorite coaster is now the Maverick. It gives me the same rush as what I got back in 1974 on my first ride on the Jumbo Jet. As I was disappointed with CP’s announcement of Shoot the Rapids as the new ride for 2010. I came to realize that next year there will be less people in line to ride the Maverick. Can I get my platinum pass now? Let’s Ride the Maverick!

Shoot the Rapids 1968

Now how cool is this? The new ride for 1968 was the original “Shoot the Rapids. I found this clip on YouTube and it shows the ride in action starting at 2:21 into the clip.

Shoot the Rapids version 1968 another lost ride from Cedar Point’s past.