Soon to be a Lost… Jet Star 2?

I’ve just received and update on the Jet Star 2 that is located in Lithuania. A friend of thelostcoaster blog by the name of Ignas is telling me that this Jet Star 2 is in disrepair and is in need of being refurbished. Only one of the cars are being used and that the other 2 are being used for parts. Here are some the pictures that Ignas has sent me…
This is just part of the pictures that Ignas sent me, I’ve got lots more to post… Makes you want go to Lithuania to see if you can catch a ride on the Jet Star 2… Let’s Ride!!!!

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  1. goordonas on

    its lok lik immi picors in jet star2

  2. goordonas on

    were the pictures taken this year? Could you post more? 🙂
    I wonder also if there are plans to keep the roller coaster in service next year? And what happened to the cars? Has one been thrown away? When I was there last summer, I saw two cars in the garage.
    Do you know if the park is going to remain open?
    Greetings from Gordonas

    • thelostcoaster on

      Not sure when these pictures were taken, perhaps Ignas could answer that along with if the roller coaster will be in service next year and if the park will remain open or not. I do have more pictures to post…. More to come ~ TLC

  3. goordonas on

    thanks for your answer. Can you help me with contacting Ignas? Like, do you have an email-adress?

  4. Trackbender on

    In the more recent pictures that I’ve seen of this coaster, the Jet Star 2 sign looks a lot more deteriorated. (Especially the “S”) These look like they were taken some time ago. It’s sad to see the condition of this coaster. I hope it is sent to or bought by Gerstlauer and given a complete overhaul like Alton Towers’ Black Hole. It would be great to see this coaster given a new life……By the way have you or anyone heard what ever became of the Jet Star 2 that was to be at Aventura Selvagem. It is no longer even listed on the RCDB. 😦

  5. Ignas G. on

    Well , some of the pictures posted here were taken all the way back in 2004 😉 Actually it was the same year , that I wrote a letter to RCDB , letting them know about it 🙂 And that is why in those pictures Jet Star 2 sign is more or less intact. Now the top of the S letter , on “Star” ,is kind of broken off , don’t know how that happened , but no one seems to care…
    I , more than anyone , hope that this Jet Star 2 won’t be scraped for metal or something similarly horrible like that… I already wrote a letter to the park administration , asking about the future plans for it , letting them know about the possibility of refurbishing from A to Z , but no answer yet…

    I’ve sent many many more pictures to Mr. Jerry , the administrator of this wonderful blog , but as he already mentioned – good things come only in little bits! 🙂 I even have an on-ride video and some photos taken a few years ago.

    If it will open year 2012 – I have no idea… Hopefully It will , but every year I’m like on the needles , because I simply don’t know.

  6. Trackbender on

    Just a off topic side note to my previous question. RCDB now lists that the Jet Star 2 for Beto Carrero World/Aventura Selvagem is going to a new park in Brazil called Mirage Park. I am uncertian if this is to be the same location and take the place of the aformentioned Aventura Selvagem. Do you or anyone happen to know more?

  7. Trackbender on

    I love the pics of the wheel housing. The ones on my local Jet Star 2 at Lagoon were replaced by new beefer versions and no longer bare the iconic a.schwarzkopf logo on them. It makes all warm and fuzzy inside to see them again. Ahhh!

    • Ignas G. on

      Oh yes , they are that “something” from this rollercoaster , that is very unique and never to be removed 🙂

  8. goordonas on

    Hi Ignas,

    thank you for your answer. Please tell me if you get an answer from the park’s administration.
    It would be great if the coaster opened again in 2012!!

  9. Gordonas on

    Tenkju to Mai frends Katja

  10. gordonas on

    helau ai hev meid 1 bobk abaut Jet Star 2 in Elektrėnai in Lithuania

  11. gordonas on

    helau ai tekin nu foto of jet sar 2 2012 or is vorking

  12. gordonas on


  13. gordonas on


  14. gordonas on


  15. gordonas on


  16. gordonas on

    nice 🙂

  17. Dag Bøsterud on

    I visited Ignas this summer, and I wanted to ride the Jet Star again since it was a hoot to ride it last summer. After some checking, Ignas told me that it was impossible to ride the Jet Star. So the status of September 04, 2012 is that the Jet Star 2 is not operating…

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