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Jet Star 2 in Elektrėnai in Lithuania

Just when you think that there is nothing else about a Jet Star or Jumbo Jet that you can blog about, the internet rears it’s head and drops a load of information in your lap. Seems that a Jet Star 2 was in Gorky Park (Thanks for the heads up January Hinkie) in the late 60’s and Could be one of the 1st Jet Star 2 ever made:Then it seems that this Jet Star was moved to Elektrėnai in Lithuania. I found some great pictures of the Jet Star 2 (Thanks to Richard B. at for allowing us to post) at Vaikų Pasaulis:The most interesting thing about this Jet Star 2 is that it has a radar antenna just like the Jumbo Jet. Again Thanks to Richard B. for allowing us to post these great pictures of the Jet Star 2 at Vaikų Pasaulis in Elektrenai, Lithuania. You can see more of this park at!
Could there possible be more? You are correct there is! Lots of videos at YouTube:
1st up a Jet Star 2 Car getting stuck at the top:

Up next an off ride video of this Jet Star 2:

Finally an on ride video (Caution turn down the volume on your speakers)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, are you ready to ride a Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2? I am! Let’s Ride!


It really doesn’t matter if it a Jet Star 2 or a Jet Star 3/Jumbo Jet it has the special sound that no other coaster has. I really enjoyed the sound portion of this YouTube Video:

Only one thing left to say, Let’s Ride!

Jet Star 2 at night

I am always on the look out for neat stuff on either the Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2 and I just found this really cool front seat POV of the lagoon’s Jet Star 2 at night.

Just a little something for you on the off season as you think forward to opening day at Cedar Point and what they have new in store for us in 2012. Let’s Ride!

PNE’s JetStar2, Lost? Now found?

About a week ago, I get this comment on one of my post from a person called “MG” and they write; “i have a complete jet star ll in new jersey. i have had it for years and it has had much restoration work done, the track and jackstands are all rust free and there are 8 cars. it would take about $200,000 to finish the ride as it needs a new braking system and lights. all the important parts are stored in trailers. i also have spare coaster wheel housing covers for sale. the coaster is not for sale but would consider a partner. the ride, when finished, can stand up against newer and more spectacular rides. lagoon in utah had the only other one that i knew about.”
Turns out this stored Jet Star II may be PNE’s Super Big Gulp:Here is the Super Big Gulp in action:I contact MG and ask if they could send me some pictures of this Jet Star II. MG Writes “the ride was in canada years ago at the pne. i bought it, moved it to the usa and slowly started to work on it. one of these days it will be finished and definitely better then when it was new. just the wheel housing alone were a major upgrade as they were too light originally and caused many problems including a jumbo jet tragedy in coney island. the jumbo jet and jet star ll used same cars” Enclosed in the email, MG sends me a couple of shots. Here is what they sent me. This is a picture of the Jet Star II track:This shows the support or jack stands of the Jet Star IIHere is the Jet Star II wheel housing:How cool is this? Way Cool… Thanks goes out to MG for sending me some great stuff. Perhaps if MG see this they might send a picture or 2 of the cars them self. I’d go to New Jersey to ride this Jet Star II, then again I would go almost anywhere to ride the Jumbo Jet or the Jet Star II.. Let’s Ride!

How do you build a Jet Star?

So the real question is how do you build a Jet Star?

I found this photo somewhere on the interweb. I’m not sure of the exactly location of this build, however one would think it’s at Anton’s factory since there is no paint on the sturcture. Now I wish that I had a K’nex Jumbo Jet kit. Do they make one? They should. 

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A View from above…

The search goes on the the exact location of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. I cannot find it at all. I have searched google maps for the location that is supposed to be Gorky Park in Minsk. So I wanted to see what I could find. Here is a view from above of the Lagoon’s Jet Star 2:

Or you could check out the Birds Eye view from Bing Maps. (Thanks for the Bing Link Drewborg) It seems as if the cold weather will never go away… Think Spring and opening day! Let’s Ride!

Karuzela ROBLAND rollercoaster Jet Star 3

Did I mention that I dig YouTube because you never know what you’ll find. While searching “jet star roller coaster”, I came across this video. The title states that this ride is a Jet Star 3, (Karuzela ROBLAND rollercoaster Jet Star 3 Ustronie Morskie 2009. ) – YouTube translation “Carousel ROBLAND rollercoaster Jet Star 3 Ustronie Morskie“, however it is not. The support structures are that of a Jet Star 2. Now I am not sure what the description says “Zjazd z Kolejki górskiej w Ustroniu Morskim- SUPER przeżycie Polecam” – YouTube translation “Exit from the roller coasters in Ustronie Morskie-SUPER experience I recommend“. Thought that you might enjoy this:

Jet Star 2, Up Close!

First off I would like to thank for allowing me to post these pictures of the Jet Star 2 at the Lagoon in Utah. Since there are no Jumbo Jets close, the next best thing is the Jet Star 2!

So now all you have to do is plan your trip to Utah to ride the Jet Star 2. Are you ready? I am…. Let’s Ride!

All I want for Christmas is….

All I want for Christmas is a Spiral Lift Hill! This video from YouTube really shows the spiral lift in action on a Jet Star 2 at the Lagoon in Utah.

The main difference between the Jumbo Jet and a Jet Star 2 is the support structures are different and the Jumbo Jet has a longer track…. For the most part they are the same ride… Yes all I want for Christmas is a SPRIAL LIFT HILL! Let’s Ride!

You seen one Jumbo Jet….

The old saying goes, “You’ve seen one Jumbo Jet, you’ve seen em all“… Well we don’t buy that at all. I found this photo of the Jumbo Jet that was at Coney Island (Same ride that was at Cedar Point right down to the color) and it gives a different perspective of the ride.

Jumbo Jet In A Hurry

Most of the Jumbo Jet’s/Jet Star 3’s are no longer in operation in the USA. The closest you will get to a Jumbo Jet/Jet Star 3 in the USA is the Jet Star 2 in operation at the Lagoon in Utah. Let’s Ride!