America Screams – 1981

I got a tip once again on FaceBook and Tim sent me this YouTube video and states that he has a VHS copy of the entire film. I don’t even own a VCR, but would love to see this video in it’s entirety. At 14:03 you can get a look at the Cork Screw, then at 14:08 see the Jumbo Jet. Not sure were these clips were shot at. One would hope Cedar Point… Enjoy!

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  1. gordonas on

    nice movie thanks for your update page
    greetings gordonas

  2. jetstar3d on

    The clip of Corkscrew and Jumbo Jet are indeed from Cedar Point. I am pretty sure they were filmed in 1978, JJ’s last season, as there is also some footage of Gemini which was built the same year. I have the full length vhs tape of this and it credits Cedar Point at the end.

    • thelostcoaster on

      Thanks for the info jetstar3d… Wish this was on DVD… Dang it all anyways… Who has a VCR these days?

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