Broke in Fort Fun!

I just finished a week of work after returning from vacation. I had a great time at Waldameer riding the “Steel Dragon”, “Ravine Flyer II” and the “Mega Vortex”. So this weekend I am flat broke, but still have the urge to ride and we have no amusement park close to Fort Fun. Oh yea IB is several hours away, however that takes money in the gas tank. This weekend in Fort Fun, starts the annual Three Rivers Festival and yes there will be rides. Now the real question is should I trust a traveling carnival to be safe? To bad we don’t have an amusement park in downtown, we could call it “Mad Anthony’s Fort Fun”! I can see it now… (entering dream zone) A spinning coaster from Maurer Söhne… Oh WOW there is the new Splinter from the Gravity Group… I see the tilt-a-whirl, scrambler (entering reality) So I guess at this point if I really want to ride I will need to trust the traveling carnival. Let’s Ride!


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