Jumbo Jet at Výstaviště Praha in 1991?

So, I was snooping around this morning on the interweb looking for something new to post to thelostcoaster blog and came up with a big fat ZERO (not a thing, not anything, nil, naught/nought; zilch, zip, nada, diddly-squat, squat)!! Do you know how hard it is to find new information when this blog seems to be the authority on Jumbo Jet Roller Coasters? So as much as I try, “I” seem to get in my way. Anywho! Returning to thelostcoaster blog to do some general house keeping, I found 2 very cryptic comments under the post “What WE Know“. The 1st post was simply “Praha 1991 Vystaviste” and the second “Prague Praha 20.05.1991 Vystaviste Holesovice 28.10.1991”. After some time on Google Translation and WikipediA I came up with an interesting conclusion… Let me share… Výstaviště in Praha (Prague) in the suburb of Holešovice is an exhibition ground which is used for exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events.


These photos of Vystaviste, Prague Exhibition Grounds are courtesy of TripAdvisor

The second comment “Prague Praha 20.05.1991 Vystaviste Holesovice 28.10.1991”. Could this mean that Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet was in Výstaviště Holešovice Prague from May 20th 1991 to October 28th 1991? Let’s not forget what Andre Blunck revealed to us back in 2009 “…it (Jumbo Jet) stood in Sweden in a citypark. After this season Wieland bought the ride and rented it to Prague for a Expo Fair. After the Fair the ride was destroyed in Prague by some kids” (See post “MORE Bits and Pieces Revealed“). More to come…

Cedar Point’s “New World of Fun!”

Our FaceBook friend Jim Hammer is at it again. Jake posted these cool pictures on our FaceBook stream. Here is the cover of the 1972 Cedar Point Pleasure Company Annual Report:

Cedar Point Inc 1972 Annual Report

Inside the front cover describes both new attractions for 1972:

inside cover of the 1972 Cedar Point Inc. annual report

A BIG thank-you out to Jake Hammer!

Cedar Point’s Roller Coaster Challenge

The questions is “Can you ride all 5 in one day?

Cedar Point Roller Coaster Challenge

This newspaper add is from 1977 and challenges you to ride Cedar Point’s big five coasters, Cork Screw, Jumbo Jet, Mine Ride, Wildcat (original) and Blue Streak in one day. If you were one of the first 1,000 to do so each day you would receive a special bonus… A beautiful “High Rollers” sew-on patch if you completed the task.

Cedar Points High Rollers Club

On June 14, 1977 our facebook friend Jim Hammer completed the roller coaster challenge. Jim said “It wasn’t easy…the lines for the Corkscrew were 1 to 2 hours back in 1977!”. I wish today I could do this challenge, but sadly the Jumbo Jet is no more at Cedar Point. A big thank-you to Jake for posting these pictures on our FaceBook page!

thelostcoaster’s 200th Post

What a great ride it’s been so far. I started this blog on May 31st, 2009 with a simple post “Hello World” with a simple statement “ Welcome to The Lost Coaster… More to come..” and this photo (One of my favorites) with the Matterhorn in view along with the refreshment stand with the polka dot roof:


I have posted all types of videos and pictures and believe that I have found Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet at Dreamland in Minsk Belarus. I have thought at times that I had done all I could do and had stepped away from this blog. Then to be drawn back in realizing that my work has just begun. Thank-You so much for reading this blog and if you ever come across any information that I don’t already have drop me an email thelostcoaster[at]live[dot]com. I look forward to the next 200 post because I never know what I will find. I have been asked to look further into the Jumbo Jet that is rumored to be in China. I don’t know how I will find this ride when I can’t find hardly any pictures of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet at Place Playland in Old Orchard Beach. Keep reading thelostcoaster blog… More to come…

GateKeeper in Jumbo Jet’s spot!

My oh my, how the landscape at Cedar Point has changed since Jumbo Jet left at the end of season in 1978. Now the Space Needle and Disaster Transport are gone and GateKeeper is rising for opening day 2013. I headed over to Cedar Point’s site to see how construction is going. Here is GateKeeper in Jumbo Jet’s spot:

You can see the construction yourself, just head over to Cedar Point and click the link to webcams.

Friend us on FaceBook

You might not know we have a FaceBook page. If you are on FaceBook we want to be one of your FaceBook friends, https://www.facebook.com/thelostcoaster is thelostcoaster’s FaceBook page. Jim Hammer one of our FaceBook friends provided a picture of our beloved Jumbo Jet:
Drop off the hotrail 1978 Jim writes “Back in the old days they didn’t tell you not to take pictures on the ride…this is from 1978” Hang on tight Jim, that first hill is a steep one! As we all know 1978 was the last season for the Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point. If you have any pictures of Jumbo Jet, let us know we would love to post em… Let’s Ride!

Jumbo Jet – ONride – Luna Park / Amigoland

Here is a new video of Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet that was posted on YouTube at the end of December:

So time to brush up on your French and head to Amigoland to ride the Jumbo Jet. Who’s with me?

Jumbo Jet at Great Adventure!


I found this picture over at Great Adventure History. Not a lot is known about this Jumbo Jet, according to RCDB.com this Jumbo Jet was set up in July of 1975 and then removed at the end of the season. It is thought to have been moved to Morey’s Piers. Check out all the great pictures of SFGA’s Jumbo Jet at Great Adventure History.

Cedar Point 1975 – 8mm Film

This has got to be the best 8mm film in the terms of clarity and shot in 1975. Just after :11 seconds into the clip we get a look at the Jumbo Jet with 2 trains on the track at the same time. I think if Jumbo Jet was in the park today, we would see one train at a time… Have a look.

Cedar Point or bust this summer… Yes winter will be over before you know it! To ride Jumbo Jet this summer you’ll need to go to Dreamland in Minsk Belarus.. Pack your bags.. Let’s Ride!

Happy Holidays!

“Baby it’s cold outside” and it only going to get colder. I dug these 2 out of thelostcoaster archives and wanted to wish you the very best this holiday season!

Frozen Jumbo Jet

JumboJet at Beoland, Russia

Happy Christmas and the very best for the New Year 2013!